Digitalization of prosecutorial proceedings


Applicant: Office of the Prosecutor General of Hungary
Project name: Digitalization of prosecutorial proceedings
Awarded grant: 613.800.000.- HUF
Entry into force of the Grant Agreement: 28th October 2009.

Brief summary of the project:
The project has aimed at setting up a modularly structured integrated system which can be flexibly extended, upgraded in the future and used by the prosecution offices, and which can receive emails and other electronically transmitted information sent to the prosecution offices. This system is able to record and archive what path the received data has taken in the Prosecution Service, how the data has been modified, and the system is able to store the data. The system is also able to identify the various orders and decisions made by prosecutors in the course of their work and is capable of credibly identifying data and information generated by prosecutors and transmitting them to the aimed recipients.