International relations and activities

Contact details:
Tel: +36-1-354-5541
Fax: +36-1-269-2662

The Department coordinates and organizes international relations. In order to perform its tasks, the Department maintains permanent relationship with the competent national and international organizations and bodies of the European Union.

In the framework of this function the Department:

  • performs tasks related to the European and regional cooperation and the EU membership,
  • assists prosecutorial bodies to perform their duties concerning the international cooperation and in connection with the EU membership,
  • performs tasks regarding the Hungarian participation in the work of Eurojust,
  • organizes with the Cabinet the international networking of the Prosecutor General and the programme of the international delegations visiting the Hungarian Prosecution Service,
  • organizes international conferences, trainings and other events for the Hungarian Prosecution Service,
  • maintains relations with the European Judicial Training Network, organizes and coordinates the Hungarian prosecutorial participations in the work of the Network,
  • prepares translations in relation to MLA requests, international relationships and documents of the official prosecutorial webpage.